About us

  • Restarting manufactoring products. „Made in Hungary”.
  • Summarizing our experiences gained during manufactoring them and handing them on.
  • Aiding the realizing of the Hungarian intellectual products

  • Acquering cooperation with  nature  and handing the gained  experiences on.
  • Acquering of forming communities and promoting them at companies and handing  the gained experiences on.
  • Forming and developing communication and ethical ettitude to one another at a company.
  • Realization the individual talents and abilities in the communities at a company, as well as caring, maintaining and handing the gained experiences on.
  • Realizing fields in companies, their relation, forming cooperation between them developing them and sharing their experiences.
  • Forming cooperation between manufactoring companies with similar purposes, developing, activizing and running them.
  • Promoting technologies and products with the purposes to aid really their users’ and surroundings’ life causing them pleasure and not annoyance!

Finding the answers for the following questions:
  • For what reason do our technologies used for manufacturing our products destroy our environment, nature and our health? Is it important or not to develop new, environmentally friendly technologies?
  • For what reason have manufactoring Hungarian products been stopped entirely?
  • Why are products damaged by the the user unintentionally distributed again?
  • Are you a consuming or…(partner)?
  • What does the idea of quality, ethics mean and what did it mean in the past?
  • What does engineering work mean and when is it realized?
  • Why is trade more profitable than manufactoring today? Is it important that it should be differently?
  • What is needed for the Hungarian firms to cooperate in the long run?  Do they have a common purpose?
  • Why is important for a firm to have products of its own?
  • Why is important for a company to develop its products and services continuously?
  • What does sharing our knowledge and experiences have been got in practice result?

Dear visitor, if you have any opinion or proposal, please, share it with us! info@sziriuszfenye.hu
The field which is the most worthy of researching is nature. The main purpose of human mind is understanding this wonderful work, discovering  the strenghts effecting inside and the laws directing them.” Nicola Tesla

  • Do you know the laws of nature?
  • Have you experienced these laws?
  • In your opinion which are these laws?
  • In your opinion what can be learnt fom them?
  • In your opinion does nature produce waste?

If you feel like it, help us to answer these questions.info@sziriuszfenye.hu


Our purpose is publishing of books that shape the course of the readers who are interested in subjects like these.

We have compiled our educational material on the basis of summarizing our experiences.

Fasteners to promote the use of performance competencies:
  • Training material of the spanner-presentation.
  • Training material of the fixing of fasteners.

Creating ethical rules inside economic units:
  • What does ethics mean? In my opinion it means the highest level of attitude to life.
  • Viewpoints of economical cooperation created on the basis of ethics.

Developing of a machine for coating threaded parts which is suitable for coating parts manufactored in small series and big series as well as suitable and economical for coating threads in the case of small diameter and long threads.
Developing of a sticky sealing material which are not harmful to our environment during manufactoring and using it in spite of the fact it is able to keep its preload even in extrem conditions (high frequency, high or low temperature).
When you are perplexed, we are at your service.

Our partners

A creative enterprise managed by Dr Árpád Németh who has specialized on solving special building static problems in practice. They work on new and nonseries solutions. Please look around on our page showing our results at researching-developing. http://ecopol.hu/en/
Dr János Háry (speak english) was the first in Hungary, who together with students of institutions of higher educations has established an independent, non-profit enterprise which cooperate with KKV companies exemplarily. Please look around on our page! http://tc.org.hu
As a result of our many years’ connection with Mr József Halász managing director and Mr József Bende commercial manager we help each other with soluting our customer’s problems.

It is a German company, which works in Hungary and produces special fasteners for the building,  plastic industry and motor works. We exchanges our experiences in every quarter of a year and we share them with any inquirers. Look around on our page, please. http://ejot.hu/kapcsolat.php



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